Organisation & Board

Chairman of Emperion A/S since 2012
Carl Peter Møller

MBA from Copenhagen Business School.
CCO at Emperion A/S

Board Member
Michael Moesgaard
Board Member, Emperion A/S, since 2007

MA Political Science, BA Business Economy, Adjunct Professor of CBS.

Owner of Andersen Advisory Group (AAG), a Danish Venture Capital firm, specialising in IT and Telecommunication companies. Apart from Emperion A/S, AAG’s portfolio consists of Mobilethink A/S, Tweakker ApS, MobilePeople A/S, Danske Færdighedsspil A/S, Cozmophone and Configit A/S.

Multinational Company with International outlook
Emperion has its Headquarter in Copenhagen with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and representations in West and East Africa.

Being a truly global company, we strive for diversity among our employees. Our multinational, globally located teams bring a wealth of experience and energy to our company. We maintain a strong and knowledgeable team of both generalists and industry specialists, which gives us a versatile organization with great depth.


 Emperion organisation chart diagram


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