Disaster & Relief Communications


Red Cross - African continent

From early 2011 - ongoing

International Red Cross is well known globally. Their efforts across a huge number of relief, health, refugee and family support functions are continuously pushing the limits for what we can do for a better world for all.

The sooner NGOs are able to collect, analyze and transmit critical information, the more effective the response becomes and the more lives are potentially saved. The NGOs rely heavily on communication links to share information to improve the efficiency of relief and development efforts. For each mission, for each camp site and for each Red Cross member and volunteer, the need for reliable, always-there communication is critical. Sometimes the communications needs are instant and crucial for the first relief efforts when disaster strikes.

Red Cross needed Internet access to several sites across Central and Eastern Africa with flexible bandwidth options with boost and pooling facility. Moreover, they needed Emperion to be ready for any quick commissioning and installation in the area should disaster strike.

Emperion’s Internet and voice solutions are powerful tools to mitigate damage incurred by disasters and are similarly extremely efficient solutions for new field deployment. Red Cross sites are supplied with flexible reliable Internet connectivity based on several platforms, all fully redundant and backed up by a 24/7 helpdesk and service solution that allows the teams on ground to focus on what they are there for: helping the local community and their people.

Value for Users
The affordability, reliability and flexibility of Emperion’s solutions for remote areas of the world, provides NGOs with vital communication links when and where they are needed. The extensive experience and rapid response times from Emperion merged with Emperion’s professional process orientated turn-key approach leaves the NGO teams with peace of mind. They do not have to worry about the technicalities of their communications links; they simply plug-in and start using them.

Years of Experience
Emperion has solved communications need for humanitarian organisations for many years. Our teams are highly experienced and with these dedicated and fearless teams, Emperion can deliver your emergency communication links wherever these may be needed.

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