Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise customer – Middle East

From 2004 - ongoing


In 2004, the client was looking for a professional provider that could manage a complex communications network throughout several Middle Eastern countries and deliver reliable, high speed Internet, VPN and voice services. Emperion was selected after a thorough validation search and has been the client’s preferred communications partner ever since.

Over the years, Emperion has been operating a variety of networks and locations for the client, including several advanced voice solutions. Emperion delivers comprehensive turn-key solutions to the client including VSAT and LAN equipment, enterprise PBX, video conference solutions and call shop voice platform. Emperion maintains a flexible yet process orientated approach allowing for project and technology adjustments very close to deadlines.

Value for Users
Benefitting from the long term partnership, the client today has an extremely flexible solution on all sites with multiple bandwidth options, a superior service level agreement and extreme low rates on all International telephony.

Client says
“We have been and still are very satisfied with the service offered by Emperion and are planning further network deployments with Emperion in the near future (…). Emperion has thoroughly met and exceeded our requirements and expectations. They have proven to be an eminently dedicated yet flexible organisation in terms of meeting our operational requirements”.

Advanced and Robust solutions
Emperion strives to keep updated on the newest technologies and options available without compromising on quality and robustness of
our services.

Emperion has recently added mobile Apps to our portfolio of solutions. We remain dedicated to enable our clients with advanced online and on-the-move management and call options. We maintain a committed and individual approach to each client and our teams are always available to assist whenever needed.

Any questions?
Please feel free to call +45 39 29 35 30 or e-mail sales@emperion.net and learn more about our solutions and what we can do for you.