Maritime Communications Solutions


Maritime customer – Europe

From 2005 - ongoing


Initially, this client approached Emperion to deliver basic Internet connectivity to their portfolio of container ships in action in the North Sea. Since then, Emperion has delivered Internet and data to more than 50 ships for this client and Emperion has constantly added additional solutions, such as high quality enterprise interconnect call and PBX services. Whenever there have been changes in Maritime recreational regulations, Emperion has extended its services to enable our client to comply fully with those changes.

With a Maritime enterprise solution from Emperion, the client chooses equipment and features that suit the individual vessels. For most vessels, the services include Internet and Data, Call shops and pre- and post-paid calling card solutions, extension of Enterprise IT systems such as PBX and e-mail server, firewalls and network security. The client is also supported with solutions for bandwidth optimization, prioritization and content filtering and of course Emperion’s 24/7 year-round online and off-line technical support and help-desk.

Value for Users
The client maximizes savings with least cost routing of International calls, with free vessel to vessel and vessel to central calls and adds premium call options and cell call options to their crew. Client has full access to real-time monitoring and management of all PXB related transactions as well as prioritized online bandwidth management for each vessel. Onshore headquarters have direct access and management capability for all vessels in the fleet with encrypted secure data and network. Off-shore crew can easily contact family and friends and choose whichever favorite movie or TV-program they have with the full-fledged on-demand TV services.


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