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From 2004 - ongoing


The client, who is based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but with project offices in Africa and Middle East, contacted Emperion to modernize and update their existing PBX and telephony solution. The client was using a legacy system that was outdated and their telephone bills were extremely high, yet the quality of the voice calls were extremely low. The client intended also to hand out calling cards to their project employees at remote sites for personal use as part of a personnel welfare program.

Emperion created a scalable, centrally managed PBX solution based on existing client equipment, ensuring minimal implementation costs for the client. The client has full access to the web-based server management tool that allows the client central control over all inbound and outbound traffic, internal billing as well as external billing and tariffs for external users. As a standard, the PBX comes with functionalities such as; voice mail, call forwarding/transferring/diverting, teleconferencing and much more. The client additionally opted for Toll free and DID numbers as well as inter-company short dialing numbers.

Value for Users
Emperion delivers a monthly rate card that is optimized for this specific client’s routes and destinations and Emperion continuously look for the best possible options. The solution immediately resulted in massive savings on the client’s phone bills with up to 60% savings on a monthly basis. With easy access to and control of the voice traffic, the client has full disclosure on what it going on from hour to hour if needed. With the calling card solutions, the client has built a portfolio of local customers on their project sites which generates a nice revenue stream which further helps reduce monthly communication costs.


Saved 60% on their phone bills!

An enterprise client saved 60% on their phone bills within the first months of implementation of the Emperion Enterprise PBX and routing solutions: "We have no doubt that Emperion will thoroughly meet and exceed your requirements and expectations (..) they have proven to be eminently dedicated and flexible", (client, Feb. 2012).

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