Choose Emperion and you get reliable, cost efficient ways to stay connected – anywhere!

Emperion’s integrated network solutions use the latest global technology to provide enterprise and telecom customers with robust high quality communications and service solutions throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For Enterprises, NGOs and Humanitarian operations
Cost efficient communications services to all locations; from always-there Internet connections to extremely competitive telephony services. With flexible and adaptable bandwidth allocation and burst options across your entire network, you are always sure to have the bandwidth you need when you need it. We can seamlessly deliver your data to single point, point-to-point, and to multi-point through your chosen solution of shared or fully dedicated bandwidth.

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For Intelligence, Military and camp sites
Secure, reliable quickly deployed data, video and voice communications links. Emperion has been a favored communications provider to one of the largest Intelligence Network in the world for more than 6 years. With up-times of over 99.5%, Emperion has been a trusted provider to thousands of humanitarian, administrative and military personnel throughout hundreds of camps in Middle East and Africa for over 14 years.

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For Maritime, Mining and Oil & Gas solutions
A consistent and reliable stabilized antenna platform that has proven accuracy and reliability levels. The platform’s advanced built-in technology ensures stability even in severe weather and sea conditions. With flexible and scalable options, you can alternate between accessibility to all applications and users; you can create dedicated availability or prioritize voice solutions. Our team of maritime specialists ensure you get the dedicated specialized service needed.

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Dealing with a single trusted network provider reduces your administration and your costs and increases your adaptability to an ever changing world of business.


Key features include:

  • Internet connections, secure data management and video conferencing
  • One of the world’s best fixed and mobile voice solutions
  • Global coverage on C-band, Ku-band or Ka-band
  • Flexible dedicated and shared bandwidth options
  • Bandwidth pooling and boosting options
  • Scalable network for secure enterprise applications, including ERP, Intranet, Voice and video
  • Fully managed bandwidth and VPN services
  • Reliable, stable and fully redundant terrestrial access to major HUBs
  • 24/7 Network Operating centers and service desks
  • Numerous equipment solutions through flexible and adaptable Teleports
  • Fixed monthly costs with full site performance reporting
  • Encryption, firewall, data management and hosting services 




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