SEAWAY Advanced Maritime Communication Platform

SEAWAY delivers controlled end-to-end IP-access link between central HQ and fleet vessels. The backbone internet access is connected to several independent Tier-1 ISP providers providing tri-homed, BGB compliant with load balancing, caching and complete redundancy to secure internet access and deliver over 99.95% availability at all times. 

Key Features

  • Cost efficient bandwidth solution, including burst and pooling options for optimal usage with guaranteed 99.5% availability
  • Reliable Internet connectivity and automatic beam shifting for all vessels with optional backup of the (VSAT) link
  • End to End VPN connectivity from vessels to corporate HQ and dedicated beam Closed User Group (CUG) – bandwidth assignment
  • Connectivity solution supporting existing equipment on board vessels
  • Seamless IP roaming, managed traffic and phone calling (separating crew and company VLAN) with customized QOS configuration
  • Dedicated calling services and phone channels for each vessel with global DID number provision 
  • Scalable and flexible solutions for users, applications and bandwidth upgrade


We break the boundaries of what's possible at sea!
Revolutionary automatic beam-shifting delivers seamless Internet, data and voice connections to your vessels – no matter which conditions they may face.
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Please feel free to call: +45 39 29 35 30 or e-mail and learn more about SEAWAY.

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