Become a Virtual Network Operator

Intelligent VNO platform for profitable VoIP business
Emperion’s VOIP VNO Solution is developed to support VOIP Virtual Network Operators (VVNO) anywhere in the world. For the past 8 years, Emperion has actively delivered an innovative intelligent VVNO platform, handling daily operations for a number of VNOs.

Our VVNO team consists of highly specialized and experienced voice and voice platform experts and they will ensure that you are given the best possible individual platform needed to build your VVNO business.

You simply tell us what your business needs and we will design the solution around this and deliver it to you ready-to-go. Right from start, you can work on what’s really the main focus for you: building your customer base and your margins.

As an Emperion VVNO Solution partner, you can

  • Launch a new business venture in a matter of weeks
  • Make your own margins - we guarantee 25-50%
  • Minimal expense to launch your business
  • Expand existing operations quickly on high profitability underserved markets
  • Maintain independence, unique branding for each market on flexible terms
  • Stay innovative, add new revenue streams and services that make you stand out from the crowds
  • Develop high growth revenues on market proven processes built on best-practices

Emperion delivers an intelligent, flexible and customized end-to-end solution where all operations are in real-time, managed through your secure and personalized log-in. The VVNO Solution platform supports any network protocol and payment method required for you to run a successful business.

Superior customer experience that makes the whole difference; delivered on a platform of qualified technical know-how

The Emperion VoIP VNO Solution can include:

  • YOUR company brand set-up
  • Technical set up
  • Product and pricing set up
  • Least cost routing for international calls
  • Rating, billing and invoicing
  • Marketing assistance

With the VVNO solution from Emperion, you are guaranteed superior voice quality, internationally recognized partners, margins from 25-50% and 24/7 support from our experienced and dedicated team of specialists.


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