About Us

Historically and till this day, Emperion focuses on projects in the developing world through long term partnerships with our customers and partners. This focus challenges the balancing of project assurance and progress with human capital and on-site commitment. Many of Emperion’s customers have been with us for many years and we remain fully committed to them and their continuous growth in the developing world.

As one of the first Internet solutions provider focusing on Africa, Emperion has aided students in Ghana increase their knowledge base by gaining Internet access long before other educational institutions. In our own way, Emperion has assisted in the fight against famine, malaria and natural disasters by being there on the ground with the UN operations and NGOs throughout Africa and Middle East. We have supported the boost of morale of defense personnel by supplying video and voice connections to their loved ones whenever they needed it and for years, we have ensured reliable communication connectivity for one of the largest Intelligence Operations in the world.

We are very proud of each and every communication connection, every voice minute we have ever enabled our customer to make.

Emperion ensures you are connected no matter where you, your business unit or your teams are. We are with you every step of the way to secure robust, reliable and adaptable communication solutions on land and at sea.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us on: Tel.: +45 39 29 35 30 or e-mail info@emperion.net and learn more about our solutions, case stories and projects and what we can do for you.