Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to showing your appreciation to business clients, research has demonstrated that giving a corporate gift can increase feelings of connection, loyalty and trust.

Corporate gifts make a lasting impression that fosters company loyalty, engagement and sales. Here are ten ideas to consider as you send your next kind gesture of appreciation!

1. A gift hamper

When you want your corporate gift to stand out, a gift hamper is an ideal solution. Not only is it practical and economical, but also easily sent anywhere – perfect for that last-minute corporate gift!

Christmas hampers are a popular gift choice for holiday giving, as well as birthdays and other special occasions. They typically contain food items like fruit, biscuits or snacks.

2. Leather products

Leather products, whether functional or decorative, are an excellent way to demonstrate your appreciation for employees. Furthermore, many are made from high quality materials that will last for years.

Give your employees something practical, useful and entertaining for work or home this year with an Urban Leather Jacket.

3. Electronics

Electronics are a widely sought-after corporate gift idea due to their excellent branding potential and customizable branding that includes your company name and logo.

For instance, Bluetooth speakers could be an ideal choice for clients or employees to use in their office. Or they could make for a great high-tech addition to the home. And don’t forget about their fantastic audio quality too – these speakers boast impressive specs!

4. Nail salon gift certificates

Treat someone special to a nail salon gift certificate and let them indulge in some pampering.

Give your customers a reason to shop by offering discounts or value-adding offers with their gift card purchase. Doing so could result in higher sales and improved guest retention!

5. Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks

Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks make an ideal present for foodies or those who have moved away from Philadelphia but still crave this classic sandwich.

Tony Luke’s uses only 100% USDA certified Black Angus beef that’s thin-cut and served on freshly baked bread with American cheese or Kraft Cheez Whiz. All their meat is hormone and steroid free for added convenience.

6. Warm blankets

Blankets make a timeless gift that your employees and clients are sure to appreciate. Choose from an array of blanket styles like picnic blankets, beach blankets, or reversible fleece blankets for ultimate convenience.

These blankets can also be embroidered with your company’s logo to promote your business. When selecting a blanket, take into account its material, size and features.

7. Candy and snacks

Candy and snacks make ideal gifts for employees or clients, as they’re tasty and entertaining. Furthermore, you can customize them with your business logo and personalized message, making for a unique and thoughtful corporate present.

Are you searching for a thoughtful gift that’s sure to please any recipient? Consider sending them a deluxe Jelly Belly jelly bean gift box. These delicious treats come in an array of flavors, baskets and boxes so that you can find one perfect for each individual.

8. Gift cards

Gift cards make ideal corporate gifts, as they allow recipients to savor themselves without worrying about how much money is left over.

They’re more organized than physical gifts since companies can purchase them in bulk. Furthermore, they’re more personalized and can be redeemed on any occasion.

9. Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been a beloved treat at elementary school birthdays and across America for nearly a decade – and for good reason! Not only are they delicious and fun to eat, but their portability makes them ideal as corporate gifts.

Cake has been around in some form or another since ancient times, but Amelia Simmons’ 1796 book on American Cookery is believed to be the first place where this term first appeared.

10. Time away

Gifts have the power to shape people’s perception of your brand. They may also be an effective tool for increasing sales or cultivating trust and respect within your team members.

One idea for your next corporate gifting occasion could be time away. It’s an effective way to keep your business top of mind when employees take breaks from work.